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LG OLED Movable AR Screen



VIVID is a movable dividing screen, a display that helps people in their Post-COVID life. Due to this pandemic, our life has been changed, and the boundary between working and living became dramatically blurred. VIVID, a multi-functional OLED divider will become the best tool for both remote working and interior decoration.


LG Display | Dezeen


Industrial design

Awards & Recognitions

LG OLEDs Go! competition - 3rd Place

LG VIVID_AR scree.jpg

VIVID is equipped with a transparent OLED screen, which can easily change the mood in the space with animated artwork. VIVID unleashes a million possibilities to decorate the space that creates a new era of modern lifestyle.

Transparent OLED screen

Thanks to OLED transparent feature, while users change from working to living mode, the OLED divider will become a digital plant like a big AR screen that decorates your space with lived plants. It brings the vivid into the space that changes people's moods and makes them feel more alive, and peaceful like living in nature.

When OLED display    

becomes AR screen.

Wide variety to choose,

be creative.



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