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Stylish Poo Collector


Grabit is the stylish and effortless poo collector that gives you the best hygiene solutions for collecting poo made by your lovely dog. With our 45° diagonal shape composition, Grabit provides the comfort and ergonomic gesture for the pet’s owner to grab the poo.

With this built-in poo bag storage system, just simply pull out the bag and wrap it around Grabit, the strong spring system will help you to easily pick up the poo without scooping. No more smearing around.


Yiting Chiang



Industrial design

Designed with


Grabit provides two different strip lengths for different styles of pet owners. The Pet owners can adjust the length of the strip and like carrying a purse.

Grabit-08 Accessory.jpg

We wanted to design fashionable poo collector for pet lovers. It has to be comfortable and ergonomic with intelligent solutions.

The diamond-shaped design perfectly reaches the ground while picking up the poo. With the strong spring system, you can grab the poo without scooping. No more smearing around.

The modern way of

collecting poo.

Hygiene, cleaning,

simple solution.


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