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OLED +Modular Furniture



Mondrian TV is an experimental system that combines OLED with modular furniture. It is designed to allow a wide range of applications and blend into any environment. In this project, we define the working bounds of the platform, as well as explore its possibilities.


Personal project


Industrial design

Designed with

Dohyun Kim

Mondrain tv-04.jpg

Mondrian TV can be customized to fit your lifestyle. Orbit is a middleweight configuration with a screen rotation feature.

Full DIY system


In the spirit of DIY, you can build your own combination, based on individual needs and preferences. It all starts with a pedestal, made of hardened steel. The bottom-up grid enables home furnishing ideas that are free of space constraints, while modules maximize compartmentalization opportunities. The complex consists of OLED and its mounting solutions and completes the entire composition.

When OLED meets   

modular furniture 

Wide variety to choose,

be creative.



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