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Air Purifier 



"Porcino" is an air-purifier that merges modern furniture with the home appliance together. Our vision of home appliances is that the product will be integrated with the living style that makes the product match the interior style and make every object harmonious. 


Personal project


Industrial design


The way we think about the airflow is simple, it should easily distribute the pure air in the space and equally. 

You should be able to feel the fresh air from 360 degrees around the product and keep the air clean without any difficulty.


We aim to create an elegant and beautiful product into home.


The shape inspiration is coming from one type of mushroom. We transformed this natural beauty into our design that brings beauty and elegance into life. 

Pure sensation of  

comfort and freshness

Feel the fresh air 

in 360 degrees



Related project

Mondrian TV is an experimental system that combines OLED with modular furniture. It is designed to allow a wide range of applications and blend into any environment.

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