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Swiss Luxury Bed


Pleat is a new luxury bed design for ELITE SA that creates comfortable and essential needs for the modern lifestyle. The concept came from the cloth detail pleat that used to apply on the collar of the shirt. We implement this elegant detail into the headboard in combination with walnut wood.


We launched this bed in 2021 Milan design week that has been selected as a new ELITE brand image of the year. 



Elite SA


Industrial design

Furniture design

​Manufactured in


We designed a bed that brings the detail to the life, a centerpiece of furniture in your bedroom.


We wanted to design a bed that feels comfortable and elegant. We wanted to create a mood that makes people calm and enjoy.

The headboard of the pleat is made with premium walnut wood, and the fabric has been gently folded with a pleated shape.

Design a contemporary bed that

elevate your sleeping experience.

Contemporary aesthtic

meets Swiss handcrafts.


Related project

CUDDLE bed is composed of two foldable side headboards that provide the user with a silent and secure sleep experience.

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