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Modular Solar Lamp


Frisbee is a modular solar light solution that includes wall lamps, garden lamps, and external garage lamps. They are born with the same design language and the same vision of your future courtyard. 


The concept of Frisbee is inspired by the object frisbee which people used to play in their courtyards. We created a family line of solar lamp systems that can be used as wall lamps or garden lights by simply hanging the lamp on the pole. Frisbee has a very minimal and modern style with the integration of eco-friendly and smart solutions for light-up your courtyards.


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Our vision of this product is to design a system that works seamlessly, is functional, and light up your garden.


We wanted to design a versatile solar light system that can be hung on the wall, on the ground with different variations for lighting up your garden.

We think the design must be simple, must be easy to install, must be delightful for all sorts of customers and their needs.

The modular solar lamp

for the modern garden.

Simple, intuitive, 

full rotated orientations.


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Best garden lamps

for all kinds of space.

Frisbee packaging_05.jpg

Sustainability, minimal,

full recyclable packaging.

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