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Face Cleansing Massager


Bello is a portable face cleaner that focuses on a unique shape and the compactness for carrying it everywhere and putting it anywhere in your luggage and the bathroom. The shape of the Bello can be easily moved around and easy to hold for massaging your gorgeous face. The concept of Bello is inspired by the object bell.


Personal Project


Industrial design

We tried to find the balance between feasibility and aesthetic point of view. The shape needs to match the hardware space requirements.

Our vision of consumer electronic products is to minimize the industrial look with meaningful shape and intrigued Deja Vu that matters to you.

We are inspired by the daily object that brings the story and meaning to the innovative product, the product that shapes our life and the way we live.

The intrigued Deja-Vu

creates an attractive product.

Portable size with

integrated buttons.


Related project

ALTO is a pair of smart earbuds which designed for Canada company Earbit inc.. The aim of this project is to achieve the true freedom listening experience.

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