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Modular Cabinet


BENTO is a modular sideboard furniture system adapt for various different situations. Easily changed in different compositions by the different purpose of use.


The inspiration comes from the traditional Japanese lunch box "BENTO". The stackable feature gives Bento box more space for food and keeps the small volume as possible. On the other hand, it has high flexibility for different contents and situations. We bring this design solution to furniture and linked the design language with the origins wood Bento box.


Personal project


Industrial design

Furniture design


We designed a bed that brings the detail to the life, a centerpiece of furniture in your bedroom.

We wanted to design a bed that feels comfortable and functional for modern lifestyle.

The headboard of the Cuddle is made with moveable pockets that allow the user to put their smartphone, book into a place.

We turn the warm

body language into design.

Contemporary aesthtic

meets Swiss handcrafts.


Related project

Pleat is a new luxury bed design for ELITE SA that creates comfortable and essential needs for the modern lifestyle.

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