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Sustainable Lighting Collection


Ondina is designed specifically for Martinelli Luce, the Italian lighting company has been committed to working to innovate its products for more than 70 years. We have been selected as one of the 5 design studios that present their sustainability vision by designing the new series of lamps.


Ondina is a concept that transformed ocean plastic waste into light shields. Thanks to this translucent recycled plastic, the light can be gently refracted and reflected on the ceiling, creating a special lighting effect that reminds its characteristic and the beauty of sustainability. 



Martinelli Luce


Industrial design

Lighting design

​Manufactured in

The renewable material

from the ocean wastes.

Simple, Sustainable, Extendable.

Ondina comprises a simple LED aluminum tube and a recycled plastic lamp shade. The structure of this suspending light is straightforward to construct and extend to different sizes.


Contemporary aesthtic

meets Italian craftsmanship.

We designed a simple construction that can be easily extended to wall-mounting and floor lamps with the same structure.

Ondina_15 1.jpg


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Frisbee is a modular solar light solution that includes wall lamps, garden lamps, and external garage lamps.

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