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Smart Telecare Solution


MYOSOS is the new family of Urmet ATE remote assistance solutions. It's a new way of conceiving remote assistance, based on a simple APP that guarantees the location and all the other information sharing in real-time.

The family member can easily configure devices, receive alarms and notifications relating to the patient and share all this with other family members by using Family SOS APP. When there is an emergency, the patient just needs to press the alarm button on the remote control, or the button on the terminal hub, the device will send a notification to all the family members' smartphones.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Urmet ATE Srl


Industrial design

Manufactered in

We tried to find the balance between feasibility and aesthetic point of view. The shape needs to match the hardware space requirements.


The Hub should be able to handle any kind of emergency situation to keep the elderly safe and secure. 

We wanted to create a comfortable centerpiece in the room that blends into the space and fits their style. 

Friendly & Intuitive devices

designed for the elderly.

Flexible & adaptable

for your wrist & neck.


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