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Designing Tech with Wearable Purpose


l'hapesy places women at the center of the design, conceptualizing products that merge functionality and beauty, technology and fashion. l’hapesy embraces creative modular designs that are perfect for casual, free-spirited accessorizing, with the versatility to cater to different personalities and wearing scenarios.


JUKE Creative



Industrial design

Packaging design

Designed with

We tried to find the balance between feasibility and aesthetic point of view. The shape needs to match the hardware space requirements.

We wanted to design a modular Jewelry earphones system that will be hyper-personalized and fashionable as accessories to wear every day in their daily life.

It is an earphone and also a necklace/earring/glasses chain S925 Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Hi-Fi True Wireless Headphones. 

The first jewelry like

wireless earbuds for women.

Complete wireless

& fast charging.


Related project

ALTO is a pair of smart earbuds which designed for Canada company Earbit inc.. The aim of this project is to achieve the true freedom listening experience.

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