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Åtta Göra is a new audio brand that elevates the listening experience through thoughtful design, convenient connectivity, and inspiring sound. Åtta Göra products don’t just sound amazing. They make your life easier too. Beautifully designed and easy-to-use, Åtta Göra headphones enhance your listening experience and never get in your way. Åtta Göra, a better way to listen.


JUKE Creative



Industrial design

Designed with


We tried to find the balance between feasibility and aesthetic point of view. The shape needs to match the hardware space requirements.

Wireless charging pad.jpg

We wanted to design a pair of super compact and fashionable earbuds that user wears them everyday in their everyday life.

We wanted to create a style that feels unique and attractive from this crowded market. At the same time elevate the modern listening experience.

The modern way of

listening experience.

Complete wireless

& fast charging.


Related project

ALTO is a pair of smart earbuds which designed for Canada company Earbit inc.. The aim of this project is to achieve the true freedom listening experience.


Wireless Earbuds

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