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Developed in "Mad. Material. Art. Design" exhibition in "La Fondazione Rivolidue" during Salone del Mobile 2014

“FEEL IMPERFECT” is a series of ceramic artwork, presenting an imperfection of human personality. These imperfect features transfer into physical patterns as a symbolic meaning.


In each object, defect parts become main function, for instance, there is a big crack on the surface of the vase, this crack is exactly where you can put water and flower inside, also the bulge on the plate are used to divide food. Little dots on the spoon are able to giving people an appetite.

These physical elements represent the function of the objects, emphasizing the fact that imperfect character matters and not as bad as people think.

No body born to be perfect. We do have some shortcomings and defect in our life, such as introversive, stubborn, implosive, envy or sentimental. To understanding and face these imperfect characters are beneficial, it will help people to think and change. This project aim to indicate this theory of psychology: imperfect can be an element that makes you become perfect.

Imperfect personality display: (from left to right, top to bottom)

dissociative, stubborn, sentimental, explosive, self-centered, introversive, impulsive, trauma, perfectionism, irritable, extreme, envy