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Dissipo" taking both functional and aesthetic advantages of red copper. "

"Dissipo" is a set of premium quick defrost trays with an elegant look just like a decorative tray collection.


It focuses on the high advantage of the material: red copper. Presents the perfect balance between functional and aesthetic


Red copper as a material with thermal conductivity almost double than aluminum, five times than iron and even twenty times than stainless steel, copper will quickly absorb natural heat in the air and then releases it directly into the food without any extra energy, resulting in deliciously moist food full of natural juices for maximum flavor.

About the form, the inside bottom surface is flat, to increase the amount of surface area in contact with frozen food. The corner, meanwhile, is wrinkled, as it happens naturally during the stamping process of sheet metal.


Thanks to the high ductility and malleability of copper, the shape of the wrinkles can be controlled and become a decoration of the tray. This will also result in increasing the heat exchange surface area of the tray.


After defrosting the meat, users can drain the meat easily with the textured tray, and directly use the try for cooking in the oven.



The heat will be evenly spread over the red copper tray and dispensed accurately, minimized scorching risk and considered as less energy consuming.  It can defrost the food quickly, on the other hand, it can freeze or cool down the food quickly in the fridge as well. 



The finishing of the tray is ceramic coated. The technique is frequently used on the non-stick pans. This will prevent the direct contact of food and copper, makes it totally safety for both defrosting and cooking.



"Dissipo" creates a range of products line include various shapes for different preference.

The packaging of "Dissipo"  also shows the elegance and simplistic which linked with the product itself.



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