"Champion your originality and elevate your unique style through bold, understated design."

Åtta Göra is a new audio brand that elevates the listening experience through thoughtful design, convenient connectivity, and inspiring sound. Atta Gora products don’t just sound amazing. They make your life easier too. Beautifully designed and easy-to-use, Atta Gora headphones enhance your listening experience and never get in your way. Atta Gora, a better way to listen.



The brand name represents two aspects of our personality.  Åtta, the bird is the symbol of elegance, freedom, and creativity, while the fox Göra delivers the image of cleverness, modesty, and simplicity. The fox and the bird coexist not in contradiction but in harmony. With this design philosophy, we bring the extraordinary tech-powered superior sound and elegant design together. 

This product is meant to be used in our everyday life and answer the need to connect, handle phone calls and voice conversation, but also the power to disconnect and dive into our favorite songs after a long day of work.


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