Concept / 2020 / Modular TV

Design with Harry Dohyun Kim

Mondrian TV is an experimental system that combines OLED with modular furniture. It is designed to allow a wide range of applications and blend into any environment. In this project, we define the working bounds of the platform, as well as explore its possibilities. 

Dubbed Mondrian TV, it takes cue from the Dutch painter’s barebone composition of form and color. Piet Mondrian focused not on the objects themselves, but rather on the relationships formed once you connect two or more together. We followed this philosophical approach and determined that the final form should exist not in nuts and bolts, but somewhere in between. Hence, it is the user’s job to fill this empty space. He or she is in charge of how Mondrian TV should be. It is democratic by nature, and quite frankly, just alot of fun!

Fully customized system


In spirit of DIY, you can build your own combination, based on individual needs and preferences. It all starts with a pedestal, made of hardened steel. Bottom-up grid enables home furnishing ideas that are free of space constraints, while modules maximize compartmentalization opportunities. Complex consists of OLED and its mounting solutions, and completes the entire composition.

Mondrian TV can be customized to fit your lifestyle. Orbit is a middleweight configuration with a screen rotation feature. It is designed around the persona of a newly wed couple. Basic presents the standard, out-of-the-box experience for many people. As one of the most affordable versions, it targets the persona of a young professional. Islet is the premium setup of Mondrian TV. With its giant bodies, it is naturally suited for an expansive space.