ABERT Spa. / 2017 / Cutlery

CELERY is a series of cutlery which transforms the feature of celery into design. This concept inspired by specific people's behavior. People intuitively use vegetable to dip the sauce directly instead of using spoon. We start to think about what If food become one of the cutlery on diningnning table?

This concept creates a new definition of food and cutlery. It transforms the feature of celery, and present it in a new way onto spoon, fork, and knife, especially in a delicate and unobtrusive way. 

The shape of this cutlery series is dynamic and elegant. The simplified shape of celery remains the image of veggie which is irregular and vivid. Moreover, considering the usability, they are handy and comfortable for your delicate fingers. The gentle bump texture on the handle of cutlery transform from natural texture on celery, it brings the visual sensation and also touching sensation while you are using it.