Concept  / 2019 / Furniture Design

BRICKS is a hallway furniture system which been designed for different people needs. This modular sideboard system brings a cozy atmosphere in the house, creates a new Scandinavian style with minimal shape.

The inspiration comes from stacked bricks. Repetitive of bricks bring the possibility of creating different shapes in specific needs. This hallway furniture creates different functions by using different units which have the same idea as bricks.

Nowadays, hallway furniture has been used in different needs, for example, it can be a stool for relaxing, a bench for drinking tea, a shoe cabinet for storing your shoes, also a small container for your daily objects such as key, wallet...etc.

People always do many things in the hallway when they leaving or coming back to the house. They need a comfortable space for changing their shoes, clothes, and storage their daily objects. Therefore we create an easy assembly hallway furniture according to their different needs.