EARBIT inc. / 2017 / Industrial design

Design with Tachung Liu

ALTO is a pair of smart earbuds which designed for Canada company Earbit inc.. The aim of this project is to achieve the true freedom listening experience. The project started with this challenge demand that gets huge support from the Kickstarter community.

The story of this project was starting from the simple touch sensation. This touch sensation can recall the feeling of "play your own music". 

ALTO Vinyl black series is inspired by the Vinyl disc which represents the classic music disc. The music of Vinyl is coming from the bump texture on itself when the player gently touches on the surface, it will start playing music.

Alto features a connection point which attaches the two earbuds together by a magnet.  When attached, Earbit will go into sleep mode.  When detached, Alto goes into active mode, simply put them in your ear and they’re ready to use.